• Christopher A. Gore

A Fatherless Generation No More

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Reposted from June 2019 More Than Enough Newsletter

The Father of all fathers heart is crying out to you in this hour. Answer His call. There is no bigger sign of the times for the End Times than the plight of fatherlessness around the globe. There is a universal cry within the hearts of all people and that is to be loved.

Our greatest challenge in this hour is being fathers to the fatherless. This is no easy task. As we stand and look out at the harvest fields, this seems like an impossible task. Row upon row of souls is waiting to receive the Father’s love through us.

This is a different kind of weight/burden that God has placed upon the shoulders of His remnant. How do we bring the harvest in without damaging it? How do we discern between the wheat and the tares? This is a very daunting task.

This is an hour where everything you do has to be done in the Spirit. There is a constant judgment that is taking place of those who are called to lead. No one can really know what is in the heart except the Spirit of God reveal it but that doesn’t stop the Body of Christ

from judging its leaders.

There are times that judgment calls have to be made. What looks like an error to one who doesn’t know the whole story can be misconstrued by another who only sees in part and is judging from the flesh. Being a father to the fatherless takes a set of very special skills. You

have to know how to encourage and lift up those that have been placed in your care without giving them a license to sin. Many do not know how much abuse fathers endure. Fathers are often looked at as being harsh and uncaring but they are performing an essential function

within the family.

Yes, cannot always be the answer. This is a problem that many fathers encounter when it comes to fathering. There is a false expectation that yes is the only answer that should be given. In the world that we live in, always saying “Yes” creates a false sense of reality and

that reality is often filled with deceptions of many sorts.

With so many people today who are not willing to face reality. It is easy to see why when a real father leads that there is instant opposition that springs against them when No is the answer. No is not being offered just for the sake of a saying no. Despite what society believes saying no is demonstrating love.

A good father will say no during the toughest opposition. Why, because a good father is always looking out for the best interests of his family. A good father is always trying to protect those in whom he loves.

There are times when your father has to say no. Don’t fight against them. Don’t revile them. Look at it from their viewpoint and learn the lesson or lessons that they are trying to help you

learn. Real fathers know that instant gratification is a tool of the enemy. Being instantly gratified is a sign of being an infant.

God has raised up many fathers who will help instruct and raise up the next group of leaders who are coming up. They are working in the Spirit but the Body of Christ has to stop judging them and criticizing them for the way they do things.

Our heavenly Father sees the fatherless and He is sending His ambassadors out to bring them back in. He is working at bringing love back into His house. This is the real heart of the Father.


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