• Christopher A. Gore

A Voice for God

Reposted from More Than Enough January 2018 Newsletter

There needs to be cleansing of the prophets and prophet­ess of this nation. Our love for God should supercede our love for this Nation. So much so that the full prophetic declarations that come from our pure, righteous and Holy heavenly Father are decreed and declared by proph­ets of the same nature.

Will you be so inclined to throw yourself upon the rock and ask God to cleanse you from whatever may be taint­ing the prophetic stream that flows out of you? Serious question that deserves a serious answer. I don’t have any stones to throw at anyone but I am a Generation X’er and unfortunately many of my peers have not found their cause. They have been buried in the muck and mire of the politics that run Churches and prophetic circles all around this nation.

We don’t want your dead religion. We don’t want to join your prophetic clique. We want truth. We want God in all of His essence but we can’t find Him in the places that He should be found at because there is no clear distinct voice coming from His houses.

We love God but we hate the junk that goes on behind the scenes in His houses. We want truth that is undiluted and unhindered by man’s manipulations and straining at gnats to provide proof of their acceptability to the chosen frozen. We refuse to hide in the masses who are content to rub elbows with the right leader in the hopes that they can attain a place behind a box on a platform.

It is time that we as prophetic people be God’s voice to not only this generation but all the generations that are present in this time period. The prophets must speak for God not themselves. Many prophets are missing their prophetic call to be separate and sanctified unto the Lord because they have learned to run in prophetic clusters.

This prophet is associated with this prophet so they prophesy similar words. That prophet runs with that prophet so they together prophesy an opposite word to what the other set of prophets have said. There is not a clear distinct sound coming from the prophets.

If an alarm is sounded from a group of prophets another set of prophets feels it’s their duty to undermine what was spoken by that group.

Then what do we have in the Body of Christ, the true voice of God being minimalized and God’s people not get­ting a true word from God. In other words… mass confu­sion. We the Church and those who are use to prophesy must CHANGE. This nation is counting on us.

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