• Christopher A. Gore

Are You A Burden? or a Burden Bearer?

Reposted from September 2019 More Than Enough Newsletter

I am still moving forward with My plan for this country despite what many in this country believe. The strife and the discord that has been sent against My son Donald Trump will not stop Him from being an instrument that I use to do My bidding in this hour. Few have gained the wisdom and insight that I have freely made available but they won’t ask or even seek My face for the next move of My plan.

The Leaders in My houses have grown weary and are falling prey to doctrines of demons because they do not stay in My face. They do not wait patiently for Me to give them instruction and explain to them what is really going on. I have not left nor forsaken My people. I am working the plan that I have had from the very beginning. It has not been altered or changed by the counter attacks of the enemy. On the contrary My plan is coming together quite nicely.

I am exposing the darkness that is within My leaders in My houses. I am exposing the darkness that is within the leaders of your government. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Everything that was not built upon My foundation, shall surely fall. The problem with My people is that they prophesy in part, they hear in part and this causes them to walk in part of My truth and not all of My truth.

I am repairing the gaps and breaches that have been broken down. I am causing My glory to be seen in this earth realm. The enemy is not greater than I. The enemy cannot out do Me. He cannot out wit Me. You must not allow your faith to wain. You must not allow the lies that are belng told to invade your soul. You must protect at all costs that which I have sown into you.

“For My thoughts are not your

thoughts, Nor are your ways

My ways,” declares the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher

than the earth, So are

My ways higher than your ways

and My thoughts higher than your

thoughts. “For as the rain and snow come

down from heaven, and do

not return there without watering

the earth, making it bear and

sprout, and providing seed to the

sower and bread to the eater,

So will My word be which goes

out of My mouth; It will not return

to Me void (useless, without result),

without accomplishing what

I desire, and without succeeding in

the matter for which I sent it.

Isaiah 55: 8 - 11 (AMP)

My Words will always accomplish what I sent them forth to accomplish. The problem, My children, is that you do not fully know My mind or My heart. You get a small piece of My mind and My heart and you take that and run with it. This gets you into so much trouble in so many ways. It is not My will that this occurs. It is My will that you walk as I walk with all knowledge for each and every circumstance. Your enemy uses what you don’t know against you. He exploits you impatience at every turn. Come, learn from Me, then go forth and do what I am bidding you to do.

My Church is in a terrible fight right now. The fight for righteousness,holiness, & purity. My Word says the pure in heart shall see Me. You have to be able to see Me as My Son saw Me. This is necessary because the enemy has brought strong delusion to you, My children.

The delusions are only going to get stronger as the enemy draws closer to his final hour.

The fight to maintain righteousness, holiness, and purity will reach unprecedented strength because My children you are growing weary in well-doing. You cannot allow the pressures from the outside to combine with the pressures on the inside or you implode and lose your way in Me.

As you lean not upon your own understanding I will guide and direct every one of your footsteps. You must become more dependent upon Me. You must lean upon Me in this hour like never before. I am coming to those who are desperate. I am coming to those who have needs. I am coming to those who know that know that without Me they can do nothing.

My children your focus must shift from being a burden to a burden bearer. As you shift in your thinking I will give you all the tools you need to bear one another’s burdens. The road has become filled with the bodies of those who could not shift from being a burden to a burden bearer. My son was a burden bearer. He took upon Himself the sins of this world. He didn’t sin but He became sin so that you might have life.

He was despised and rejected

by men, a man of sorrows

and pain and acquainted with grief;

And like One from whom men hide

their faces He was despised, and we

did not appreciate His worth or esteem

Him. But [in fact] He has borne

our griefs, and He has carried

our sorrows and pains; Yet we

[ignorantly] assumed that He was

stricken, struck down by God and

degraded and humiliated [by Him]. But He was wounded for

our transgressions, He was

crushed for our wickedness [our

sin, our injustice, our wrongdoing];

The punishment [required] for our

well-being fell on Him, and by His

stripes (wounds) we are healed.

Isaiah 53:3-5 (AMP)

This is a part of your calling children. I am reaching out through the portals of heaven asking you, will you lay down your life? Will you give up your reputation in your city & community? Will you let people say whatever it is they will say to gain souls for Me? Tough questions but this is the call, the mandate that needs to be fulfilled to go to the next level.

It has never been about self-preservation. It has always been about laying down your life, giving up your life so that others might live. When you stand before in eternity will be able to say that you made the right choice, or will you stand before Me wishing that you had gone another way? The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few.


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