• Christopher A. Gore

Capitalism is Blossoming Despite Those in This Country Who are Opposed to It

Reposted from October 2018 More Than Enough Newsletter

Capitalism has become the latest 4-letter word in our society. Capitalism is the economic system that our Founding Fathers believed would work best with our form of government.

They weren’t wrong. With the help of God the employment of Capitalism has given the United States of America the ability to thrive when other countries failed. Capitalism is the economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

It’s an ideology that has allowed for so many things to be created and developed. All of the inventions that have been created down throughout our history would not have been successful had the government been responsible for developing and implementing them.

Enter President Donald Trump. He understands this concept. He lives by this concept. Less government interference in our lives. How could that be a bad thing? To hear different people around the country say it, “Capitalism is evil.” These same people do not understand how Capitalism works. If they did, there would be no opposition from them because they would

understand that the less the government interferes in the making of a profit the greater the opportunity that every individual in this nation has to make a profit.

There is a sinister plan at work in this country to cause us to lose our wealth. This plan is meant to stop us from spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If wealth is created we have the ability to help not only the people of this country but also other countries around the globe but the enemy is sly in that he knows that if can trick us into believing a lie he can control

how we think. If he controls how we think that he can control what we do. We have to be wise.

President Trump invited rapper Kanye West to the White House to meet with and discuss some problems that Kanye wanted to bring to the table. They have attacked President Trump and this rapper because the conversation highlighted the good that our nation brings to the world. The conversation highlighted the good that President Donald Trump is bringing to the country.

This meme (pictured below) has been on Facebook for quite some now.

This meme is a statement of fact. It’s not fiction. These things really happened by these presidents.

I challenge you to look at the information following and evaluate this for yourself. The records are real. Footnotes are included so you can verify this information.

“Today I reject United States Sentencing Commission proposals that would equalize

penalties for crack and powder cocaine distribution by dramatically reducing

the penalties for crack. The Sentencing Commission would also reduce the penalties

for money laundering by combining the guidelines on money laundering

with those on transactions in unlawfully acquired property. I am opposed to both

of these changes,” said former President William Jefferson Clinton October 30,


The administration has provided no historical evidence showing that Congress intended to grant the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or any part of the executive branch the authority to waive the TANF work requirements.

The historical record is clear and states the opposite; as the summary of the reform prepared by Congress shortly after enactment plainly says: “Waivers granted after the date of enactment may not override provisions of the TANF law that concern mandatory work requirements.” Said Robert Rector September 6, 2012-2

The unemployment rate among black Americans fell to 6.6 percent in April, according to today’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — the lowest such rate on record.- 3

What can you say about this information? Does it give you a different perspective on what is really going on within our country? Do you understand that President Trump is of a different breed? Do you understand that what he wants to do is really take this country back to the principles from which it was founded?

The truth should speak for itself but there are those who are trying to hide the truth from the everyday citizens like you and me. We cannot allow this to happen What people are doing and saying about President Trump and about Kanye West is absolute and utter nonsense. Take a look at the whole picture. Take a look and see that there is no sin in being rich. This hatred of Capitalism has even gotten into our education system. Our children are being told

lies. We must not allow the falsehoods to remain. We must secure our future.

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