• Christopher A. Gore

Not A Small Wonder After All...An Analysis of Former Vice-President Joe Biden’s Political Influence

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Reposted from April 2019 More Than Enough Newsletter

Delawareans dismiss the level of impact and influence that our State has upon National politics. This goes far beyond what is commonly recognized in prophetic intercessory circles. Most of the time intercessors are sidetracked by old practices and traditional intercessory processes that keep them trapped in flesh and unable to bring about real change in the Spirit. Delaware was the First State to ratify the Constitution of the United States.

This really started our claim to fame in this Nation. Because we are a small state geographically and population wise our influence for the good or the bad is hidden. Spiritually Delaware has a lot of influence in the Spirit realm. One often overlooked reason is former President Joseph R. Biden. Don’t under estimate the power that this man and the principalities and powers that operate through him carry.

It was not an accident that former President Obama picked Joe Biden to be his running mate in 2008. You have to tie Biden with Obama and realize that the enemy does nothing by happenstance. Everything in the enemy’s kingdom is well thought out and well planned.

Prior to Biden being the Vice President he served as a United States Senator for 36 years. He himself ran for President in 1988 but dropped out after it was discovered that he plagiarized a campaign speech and a term paper in law school. He kept his Senate seat after this was discovered and then ran again for the Presidency in 2007 but didn’t have a good showing and dropped out early in the race. 36 years as a Senator and 8 years as a Vice President amounts to 44 years of political power that is seated in Delaware.

Former President Obama is President number 44. Nope, not gonna get spooky spiritual on you but I just find it interesting. Spirit draws to spirit. You have to ask the tough question of what spirit drew Obama to Biden and vice versa. Biden is pro-choice, he voted against the Iraq War, he voted for Federal funding of sex education and access to contraceptives in school, he doesn’t support gay marriage, and voted at the time to repeal the Bush tax cuts. This is just a strange collaboration. When it comes to spiritual darkness Delaware is on the wrong side of the battle.

Some of our most recent legislation pits us against God entirely. With such a Godly heritage that was birthed out of Delaware from the Methodist revival that spread across the entire country in the 1700’s it seems impossible that we would have traveled so far away from God in so many areas. There is a level of darkness that has overshadowed our Nation for quite some time now.

This darkness is centered around politics and the Church. And the finger of blame points right at the portal of darkness that is over Delaware. It doesn’t all start with Biden but you cannot ignore the things that he has done to contribute to this darkness. It is not an accident that he stays at the forefront of the news. Don’t dismiss what is really going.

Take a deep hard look in the Spirit realm and ask God for yourself what is really going on with what some have called “Crazy Uncle Joe”. He is not crazy. He knows exactly what he is doing and the antichrist spirit that is working between him and Obama is something to not be taken lightly.

You have to start asking yourself why certain things are allowed to go on with this scenario. He says what he wants, touches whom he wants and nothing sticks to him. He has a persona that on the surface is likeable to some but when you really start to look deeply at certain parts of his life the corruption and self -interests come to light in a way that you cannot deny.

The latest scandal involving Biden as he tried to get ahead of some allegations by multiple sources is that he inappropriately touched some women and even men. He must have been feeling something because he broke his silence on the scandal by going on TV and making an “apology”. He said: I ‘tried to make a human connection’ with his actions but ‘will be more mindful and respectful of people’s personal space’ in the future. Over the years many experts have analyzed his behavior. It goes beyond the bounds of normalcy. Some of these people were groped and humiliated by Biden.

In 2018 it was brought to light that Biden used his political power to secure a business deal that would benefit his son, Hunter against the interests of the United States.

“Biden appears to have used his political

influence to advance his son’s business

– and some of the resulting deals

didn’t exactly put American interests

first. The Chinese government was literally

funding a business that was co-owned

by Biden’s son.” (Peter Schweizer

Author of - Secret Empires: How the

American Political Class Hides Corruption

and Enriches Family and Friend)

These are the kinds of things that they are accusing President Trump of doing. Isn’t it ironic? There are abuses of power going on but it is not being done by President Trump. For 44 years Biden held a political office. His influence and power did not stop when he left office in 2016. It is growing. This is something that we need to be interceding about because Biden is a symbol of what is really going on with our State. There are others like him who are embedded in government and leadership positions throughout this state.

This may sound ridiculous but Delaware’s battle went national because of bathroom legislation. Yes, bathrooms brought Delaware into the spotlight.

A proposed statewide anti-discrimination

regulation, designed

to protect transgender students

and other vulnerable groups, has

touched off an explosive debate in

Delaware that threatens to derail

the policy’s implementation. Almost

immediately, Breitbart News

and other alt-right media outlets

seized on the most controversial

piece of the guidelines, which

would allow students to self-identify

their race and gender at school

–– regardless of their age, even if

their parents object.

Delaware legalized same-sex marriage on July 1, 2013. Delaware placed a ban on the practice of conversion therapy for minors in July 2018. And don’t forget Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of three counts of murder of an abortion patient in 2009 in Pennsylvania. What’s not often remembered is that he worked at an abortion clinic in Wilmington, Delaware. The owners of that abortion clinic had another abortion clinic in Dover, Delaware.

Philadelphia District Attorney R.

Seth Williams was unequivocal

when asked if he believed Gosnell committed the same crimes at the

Atlantic Women’s Medical Services

clinic in Delaware: “Yes,” he said. “We

believe he was conducting the same

type of act in Delaware as he was conducting

here in the Commonwealth of

Pennsylvania.” (taken from News Journal

June 4, 2013)

Is it strange to you that Delaware could not find enough evidence to bring Gosnell to trial? What’s even stranger is that those victims who testified in the Pennsylvania trial were from Delaware. So what is the real story? Beau Biden (Now deceased) the Attorney General for Delaware at the time just could not get conclusive evidence. Delaware has a part to play in End Time events. There is no escaping our destiny.


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