• Christopher A. Gore

Why President Trump is Justified in Removing Troops from Syria.

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Reposted from January 2019 More Than Enough Newsletter

President Donald Trump is the Commander in Chief of the Military Forces of the United States. He has the authority invested in him by the Constitution of the United States to act on behalf of the interests of the American people. He campaigned on reducing our involvement in military conflicts around the globe that do not have a direct impact upon the interests of our country.

Like every other promise President Trump has made on the campaign trail, he is working on fulfilling the promise he made to protect our sons and daughters from unnecessary military conflicts. He understands the blood that has been shed by our military on Foreign soils. He has a deep respect for Active and Retired members of the Armed Forces. Some of the conflicts that our troops are involved in around the globe have no strategic or military value that would benefit the United States. This is the basis for his decision to remove our troops out of harms way.

Some of our most recent conflicts have involved Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, The Philippines and Mali. All of these conflicts have involved countless military dollars, man power and even the ultimate price, loss of our soldiers’ lives. Our soldiers’ lives are precious and for the first time in decades we have a President who honors them. For the first time in recent history President Trump is taking a practical look at these conflicts. This look has resulted in better management of our resources.

There is a global movement by the anti-christ spirit to advance the anti-Semitic agenda of the enemy. Forces such as Al-Qaida, Isil, Muslim Brotherhood & other Islamist organizations are working to take over the world and kill all peoples who refuse to serve their god. A holy war has been declared by the Islamicists against us and we must use our resources wisely. These Islamicists are actively fighting against God. President Trump is being used by God to remove our troops from unnecessary positions around the world. It is God’s will that we do this.

The media is attacking President Donald Trump for doing his job. According to Article II, Section 1, Clause 1 of our Constitution, our President is the “Commander in Chief of the Military Forces of the United States. While Congress has the sole authority to declare war the President has the authority as “Commander in Chief” to send our troops anywhere that the President deems necessary in the interest of National Security. Inherent is the right to manage our troops.

How did the United States involvement

in Syria begin?

You guessed it. Barack Obama. Barack Obama made the decision as “Commander in Chief” in 2011. Was it a good decision? Only honest historians will give you the truth. Nonetheless, Obama made the decision to place troops in Syria for support operations. These operations include providing food, military training, and of course cash to the Syrian rebels.

Interestingly enough Obama’s 2008 campaign promise of removing troops from Iraqi soil and opening Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, earned him a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. His promise was partially fulfilled. He pulled troops out of Iraq at a time that was critical to its rebirth. This begin the signal to our military that this man did not honor our troops. Obama is on record saying that he would reduce our involvement in wars across the globe. However, many times through his terms in Obama used our troops for his own political aspirations.

Our troops were used in conflicts that would serve no direct benefit to the interests of the United States. Syria was one such conflict. Because of his background of support for the Muslim Brotherhood Obama would often put our troops in harm’s way when it was completely unnecessary. Some of it was done under the name of stamping out terrorism but really it was to help fight wars between different sects within Islam. The most common of these are the Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Suphi Muslims, and Wahhabi Muslims.

If Obama despised war against Muslims so much, why would he get the United States involved in Syria’s internal civil wars? “It is my analysis Obama has used the U.S. to attack Islamic terrorists for propaganda purposes. They are simply collateral damage for the betterment of Islam. Anything is allowed in Islam if it strengthens Islam and leads to the formation of the caliphate worldwide” said Dave Gaubatz, author of Islam Exposed: Ask the Expert …ISIS, Islam And Obama: Understanding The Threat To The Free World.

What is the Syrian conflict all about?

In 2010, the Arab Spring began. The Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread across the Middle East. The cover story is that the Arab populations in the Middle East felt like they were oppressed by governments who oppressed them and did not meet their needs. The truth… the anti-christ spirit is prepping the world for his takeover. The antichrist spirit began a war that has not stopped and continues to grow.

So far Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan have been affected by these uprisings. There are a lot smoke and mirrors tricks going on right before our eyes. What you must know is that our definitions of Terrorists and Terrorism is much different than the Arabs definition. What’s being told to us in our media is not what is being told to the Arabs. We are being exploited by language. The antichrist spirit is exploiting our willful ignorance.

So, Obama’s love for his people and his ideology, motivated him to put us in this war. Because Obama is on one mind and one accord with the antichrist spirit. It was not a hardship for him to place our troops in harm’s way for a “Muslims” civil war. One of side of his mouth speaks peace and the other side has an agenda that is marching forward with the antichrist spirit. So a small (1,000 to 2,000) contingent of troops was placed in Syria to not help the existing country but the rebel Muslims who were attacking the existing Muslims. The Rebels are Sunni Muslims. So a radicalized more violent sect of Sunni Muslims were being supported by the United States.

President has the full support of Israel. Israel is our closest ally. The work that is being done by President Trump to get our troops out of Syria has a deeper meaning than what the news media is telling. We are getting out because we should have never been in. Selah on these things and pray for the Wisdom of our Commander in Chief.

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